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Amy Sherman

Amy Sherman

Senior Associate Attorney

Current Practice

Amy has practiced family law in California since 2008. She practiced in Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Prior to joining Seeley Family Law Practice, she had her own law practice and worked for a family law firm in the South Bay.

Amy has experience in all facets of family law, including custody and visitation, support, and property division issues. Amy believes in attempting to settle her cases. However, if the case does not settle she also has trial experience.

Background and Education

Amy is from Canberra, Australia. She finished high school in Ottawa, Canada. Her maternal grandparents lived in the East Bay. She loved spending time in the Bay Area as a child.

She graduated from the Australian National University (ANU) with a combined Bachelor of Arts (Hons)/Bachelor of Laws Degree. She studied political science for her Arts Degree. The Australian National University law School is a top-five Australian law school.

Professional Memberships

State Bar of California

San Mateo County Bar Association

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