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Why choose the Seeley Family Law Practice? When the stakes are high, we bring decades of experience and success to your case.

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Yvonne Seeley, Esq.

H. Yvonne Seeley
Founding Principal

California’s Experts in Family Law

Our attorneys are committed to high ethical standards of practice and maintaining respect and collegiality with our clients, opposing counsel, judges and court personnel.

Solving Difficult Matters with Integrity and Compassion

Seeley Family Law Practice is a full-service family law firm. Whether you need an initial consultation about divorce, a consulting attorney for mediation, a second opinion, or full legal representation, we have the skills and resources necessary to assist you.

In California, a divorce proceeding begins with a “Petition for Dissolution” of the marriage, and the marriage is ended by way of trial or by agreement of the parties. There are a number of ways to reach that conclusion, including settlement/ non-litigation, mediation, and litigation.

California separates property into two classes, community and separate, and California law requires a determination of whether a given asset qualifies as community or separate property. The distinction is crucial, and the parties do not always agree on an asset or debt’s classification.

California bases custody determinations on “the best interest of the child.” This generally means the court looks to safeguard the child’s health and welfare, while preferring custody and visitation arrangements that provide for frequent and continuing contact with both parents.

A premarital agreement is a contract that must meet certain threshold requirements in order to be valid. In California, a premarital agreement will not be enforced if there was inadequate disclosure by either party, if the agreement was not entered into voluntarily or if its terms were unconscionable or in violation of public policy.

Once married, a couple can still enter into a postnuptial or marital agreement that covers much of the same ground as its premarital counterpart. A couple does not have to be in a legal marriage to want to spell out certain rights and responsibilities. A cohabitation agreement can settle some issues in advance.

Spousal and child support share common features but also have important distinctions. As in spousal support, parents can agree on child support, but, in the absence of an agreement, the court makes the decision. The two forms of support diverge when it comes time for the court to determine appropriate levels of support.


Our firm is committed to high ethical standards of practice and maintaining respect and collegiality with our clients, opposing counsel, judges and court personnel.


Telephone calls and emails are almost always returned within 24 hours if not sooner, as we recognize that divorce and custody-related matters are some of the most difficult and stressful experiences our clients will face.


We use a team approach, delegating work when appropriate to associate attorneys or paralegals, which ensures that your case will be handled economically. And, we will work closely with you, keeping you apprised of the developments in your case and giving you cost-savings options whenever possible.

Trial Ready

Our attorneys represent clients before public court and private judges. Private judges are a good option for clients with privacy concerns or who desire a more efficient trial or settlement process.

We’re Here to Help

H. Yvonne Seeley, Founding Principal of Seeley Family Law, is a Certified Family Law Specialist and also a Collaborative Practice Professional. Working closely with her team of exceptional legal professionals, Ms. Seeley is committed to resolving your family law matter in the most positive way possible.

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